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Warehouse doors - Fire doors

Warehouse doors
Available in colour Ral 7035.
The available widths are 70cm, 80cm, 90cm, 100cm and the available heights are 2,05m and 2,15m.
The doors are available both with and without ventilation.


Fire Safety Doors
Available in colour Ral 7035
The available widths are 80cm, 90cm, 100cm and the available heights are 2,05m and 2,15m.
It is 60 minutes durable and certificates are given on delivery of the product

Fire doors, for all those applications where products are specified for protection in the event of fire. Manufactured according to UNI9723 & EN 1634-1 specifications.

Available with 60' - 120' minutes fire resistance with quality characteristics:
- Unquestionable quality
- Practicality of use
- Compliance with the standards
- Manufacturing technology

Technical characteristics :

Door leaf
- Made of heat-treated galvanized sheet metal
- Internally reinforced with thermally galvanized steel profile
- Thermal insulation with treated mineral wool

Door body
- Galvanised sheet metal, heat-treated
- Flaps for thermoelectric sealing
- Mounting with anchors or fixing with expansion screws

Thermoelectric sealing
- Mounted on vertical door frame profiles
- Placed above and below the sheets depending on the certification

- Two hinges for each leaf, one of which is rated for a load up to 160 kg, suitable for use with a fire door and one with a spring-loaded self-closing hinge.
- Safety bolts
- Locking mechanism according to EN 12209 . Steel core handle and locking adjuster to secure it.
- Paints with hardenable polyester epoxy powders and optionally other RAL colours
- Typologies, 1-page and 2-page

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