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Fixomoll invests a lot of time and love in designing products that help a home to be perfect. Wherever there can be improvements and enhancements Fixomoll comes up with revolutionary smart products that prevent the minor damages of everyday life. For over 100 years Fixomoll has been looking for the weak spots in the home and providing easy and effective solutions!

Synthetic chokers

Fix-o-moll furniture chairs are ideal helpers for protecting floors from scratches. Whether carpet, parquet or tiles, even heavy furniture can be moved across all floor surfaces, since the synthetic grips are easily adjusted and actively protect against marks or scratches.

Furniture Sliders

When you need to move heavy furniture easily and without damaging the floor coverings, fix-o-moll's glides are the solution: thanks to their smooth and glossy surface, they guarantee minimum frictional resistance and therefore excellent gliding ability on wooden, tiled or carpeted floors.

Furniture feet

A wide range of fix-o-moll plastic furniture feet, with excellent durability, in various colours or transparent, are fitted directly to the furniture legs, giving them effortless and above all silent movement thanks to the soundproof trays they are equipped with.

Protective anti-fouling

The fix-o-moll anti-fatigue agents are small, discreet and definitely effective. In terms of doors that knock too loudly, drawers that don't close gently enough or even under furniture, , fix-o-moll products make your home quieter.

Door Protective Stickers

Fix-o-moll's adhesive protectors are the ideal helpers for preventing damage and wear and tear in all areas. Walls, upholstery, doors and furniture are actively protected and remain intact from impact as all protectors are easy to apply and highly effective.

Airlift-insulation for doors

The fix-o-moll air stoppers are designed for use on smooth interior floors to provide insulation from air currents penetrating under the door, thanks to their foam material.


The fix-o-moll anti-slip is a reliable assistant for places where everything must remain in place! Their structure provides exceptional flexibility and guarantees stability while avoiding noise, vibration and scratches.


Tiles are a difficult surface to place hooks on since drilling is often not possible. A real alternative is the fix-o-moll hooks with suction cups. Guaranteed to hold on any smooth surface, and their design fits every bathroom.

Wedges for doors

Reliable door wedges, ergonomically designed to keep doors and windows open despite drafts.

Stop for doors

The fix-o-moll door stops are extremely durable and ergonomically designed to reliably protect the door with minimal contact noise.

Furniture Tapestries

Fix-o-moll furniture mats are ideal helpers for protecting floors from abrasions. Whether carpet, parquet or tiles, even heavy furniture can be moved across all floor surfaces, since the specialised mats are easily adjusted and actively protect against marks or scratches.

Protective anti-collision

The anti-collision fix-o-molls are small, transparent and highly effective. On doors and sanitary ware lids that, when opened, come into contact with other surfaces, fix-o-moll anti-collision devices reliably prevent damage and noise.

Reflective surfaces

The thermo-reflective insulation surfaces have a high purity aluminium foil coating (99.9%) that reflects 97% of heat. Their installation behind the radiators with self-adhesive tapes offers great energy savings, transferring the heat into the house and not to the wall.





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