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Corrugated or Grooved Lamina ALUZINC

  • easy and quick standard installation
  • excellent resistance to weathering and corrosion
  • good load-bearing capacity as a roof profile
  • good water drainage due to the grooving
  • Thickness: 0,40mm
  • Length: 2m to 6m (with increase per half meter)



The metal profile of corrugated cross-section with 19mm peak height and 76mm pitch is the oldest and the best known coating profile in the Greek market. Due to its flexibility in the transverse direction it is easily curved and "hugs" the roof. It is mainly used as roof cladding for roofs with a pitch of not less than 10%, but it can also be used as a siding for the construction of doors of buildings. The connection joint ensures excellent assembly and watertightness of the profiles.

Their alloy is made of galvanized and aluminum for better performance in cold and heat.

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