Who we are

The Company GEORGIO P. CIZIRIDIS S.R.O.., founded in 1978, has had a 45-year, successful career in the industry and is a leader in the field of trading in aluminium, iron and fittings, tools, plasterboard, aluminium stairs, aluminium scaffolding, perforated sheet metal and aluminium boxes. It works with the largest and most renowned industrial companies in Greece and abroad.

Our company represents and markets Europa aluminium systems and products of the largest Greek extrusion industries. It supplies and sells nationwide, more than 12.000 items from Greek industries, as well as from major foreign companies.

The successful course of the Company to date is due to the strategic moves that are constantly adapted to the new data of the Greek market and the immediate response to customer requirements with consistency and reliability, offering high quality products and services.

Why choose us?


The Company GEORGIO P. CIZIRIDIS S.R.O. having a long experience in the field of trading aluminum, iron and accessories, tools, plasterboards, aluminum stairs, aluminum boxes, perforated sheet metal & extends with the exclusive distribution of high quality branded products of the German group ZARGES, ALUBOX from Denmark and Perform from Italy in the Greek market.

All three companies set strict criteria regarding the quality of their products, while at the heart of every collaboration is the close relationship with the customer, thus ensuring the right solution for every need.