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Anodising is a key factor for aluminium.

Anodizing improves the anti-corrosion behaviour of aluminium and achieves the decorative appearance in its applications.

Anodising transforms the surface of the aluminium and creates a layer of oxide that is cohesive and hard

The anodizing layer is created by the metal itself, it is fully embedded in it and so there are no adhesion problems.

The anti-corrosion behaviour of anodizing is good, provided that all the rules of application and use are observed.

The assembly of anodised aluminium profiles should be carried out according to the rules known to all. For example, stainless steel screws should always be used in the installation.

Pore sealing is one of the most important processes to ensure proper protection of aluminium. Both the thickness and sealing of the anodizing are nowadays controlled by special methods and devices specified by micra.

Anodizing, as a surface treatment of aluminium, has been practiced for over 60 years. Today, after so many years, we are considered to have a complete mastery of anodising technology and know its behaviour over time.


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The Aluminium Unwired Railings offer:

1. Safety and impeccable aesthetics.
2. Long life span.
3. Easy and economical maintenance.
4. High quality material.
5. Great combination of manufacturing options.
6. Affordable price combined with quality.
7. Quality-Functionality combination guarantee from our company.
8. Modern application line.
9. Easy repair in case of possible damage - malicious damage.
10. They do not corrode like most materials due to their special production process.

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