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EOS 500

The ideal choice for every opening frame. A proven and reliable system, studied and designed to meet a wide variety of applications, satisfying architectural requirements.

Brief technical data:
- Opening system
- It carries standard certificates for air permeability, waterproofness and wind pressure resistance
- Three sheet sizes (small, medium, large) and corresponding cases
- Single, double and triple security locks
- Waterproofing with three rows of special rubbers
- Accepts single glazing from 4mm thick and double glazing up to 37mm
- Usage:Windows, balcony doors, entrances, skylights, projecting, pivoting, fixed and other structures


1. Timeless design with gentle curves.
2. It has 3 leaf sizes (small, medium and large).
3. It has cases that accept grouted mirrors.
4. Three rows of tires between frame and sheet for total waterproofing.
5. Possibility of double glazing up to 37mm.
6. Possibility of combination with the system EUROPA 2000 for composite structures.
7. Unlimited construction possibilities of any type.

- Entrance doors.
- Opening (with or without tilting) windows of any type.
- Stable Pillars.
- Composite structures.

QUALICOAT: Certification of electrostatic painting process.

  • Air permeability: CATEGORY 4.
  • Waterproofing: CATEGORY 9A.
  • Wind pressure resistance: CATEGORY C3.

Aluminium alloy: AIMgSi-0.5 F22
Hardness: 12 Webster
Minimum paint thickness: 75μm
Thickness of profiles: 1,3- 1,4mm
Dimensional tolerances according to: EN DIN 12020-02
Case dimensions: 60mm x 50,1mm
Glass sheet dimensions: 58mm x 72.2mm
Door leaf dimensions: 58mm x 99mm
Glass sheet glazing thickness: up to 37mm
Maximum sheet dimensions (WxH): 1,1m x 2,6m
Maximum sheet weight: 75Kgm

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