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EOS 60 Hybrid


New integrated window and door system designed to meet the trends of today and tomorrow. Reduces building energy requirements and offers increased access to natural light, excellent performance in adverse climatic conditions and security.

It offers a wide range of construction options and combines perfectly in complex structures with the ESS 34 Hybrid sliding system. The combination of these two systems is the ideal choice for replacements covering all required specifications.

For aesthetically minimal lines, it is possible to use the hidden sheet that significantly reduces the visible surface of the frame

System Features

  1. Design of profiles in straight and broken line.
    2. Use of polyamide 16 to 24mm.
    3. Profiles for use of perimeter lock for increased security.
    4. Hidden leaf option with emphasis on minimalist design.
    5. Increased level of thermal and sound insulation.
    6. Ability to use double or triple glazing up to 52mm.
    7. Ability to meet all requirements based on KENAK.
    8. Ideal system for replacing old frames.
    9. Additional insulation between the polyamides.
    10. Additional insulation around the perimeter of the glass panels.
    11. Double extruded, fully recyclable rubber for maximum thermal insulation (EPDM-ExpandedEPDM).
    12. Can be combined with the ESS 34 Hybrid system for complex constructions.



Entrance doors.
Opening (with or without reclining).
Opening windows with hidden sash.
Stable Pillars.
Composite structures.


Aluminium alloy: ENAW 6060 T6
Hardness: 12 Webster
Minimum paint thickness: 75μm
Thickness of profiles: 1,3-2mm
Dimensional tolerances according to EN 12020-02
Case dimensions: 60mmx 53mm
Glass sheet dimensions: 68mmx 75mm
Glass sheet glazing thickness: 16 to 52mm
Polyamide width: 16 to 24mm
Frame thermal transmittance: Uf from 1,8 to 2,6 W/m2K
Maximum perimeter mechanism sheet dimensions (WxH): 1,0mX 2,3m
Maximum sheet weight of peripheral mechanism: 150 Kgr

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