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Europa's latest innovative opening system. The system optimises climatic conditions by combining maximum thermal insulation coefficients with modern design. The ideal choice for the modernization of windows with passive house certification. EOS 90 Hybrid is an integrated system for energy-efficient building solutions and offers passive thermal insulation certified by the Passive House Institute (https://passivehouse.com/).



The innovative aluminium system with the EOS90 PH.SIHybrid version achieves the best combination worldwide compared to all systems in its class, with a frame width of 180mm and a thermal insulation coefficient of Uw = 0.68 W/m2K.

The increased sound reduction is achieved by the specially designed EPDM foam tires and the possibility of using glass up to 80mm which means that it is ideal for use in urban areas.



The innovative aluminium system with the EOS90 PHHybrid version is the best combination worldwide with a frame width of 150mm and a thermal insulation coefficient of Uw=0.75 W/m2K.

Basic System Features

  • Modern aesthetics
  • Increased Security with Perimeter Locking Mechanism
  • Almost absolute level of thermal and sound insulation with:
    • the use of 54mm polyamides
    • the possibility of using double or triple glazing up to 80mm thick
    • insulating materials inside the profiles
    • additional insulation around the perimeter of the glazing
    • Compounded, fully recyclable tyres (EPDM-ExpandedEPDM)
  • Ideal choice for passive buildings with almost zero energy consumption.

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