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The ESS 34 Hybrid sliding thermal insulation system was designed with high quality and flexibility in mind. It offers a multitude of construction options that place it among the systems that meet most requirements.

It has guides for all possible sliding typologies in 42 and 32mm height, as well as hook profiles with an apparent surface of only 25mm. A feature that gives a simple, minimal design, unobstructed views and uniqueness.

At the same time, with the use of specially designed profiles, it is possible to manufacture frames with large dimensions that can reach 2.6m in height and 10m2 glazing surface.


  1. Use of stainless steel plate or aluminium profile on the guides for smooth rolling.
    2. Design of profiles with straight lines.
    3. Possibility of fitting a multiple locking mechanism for maximum security.
    4. Plastic (PVC) guide cover to insulate and protect them from water.
    5. Elastic (EPDM) or foam sealing plug for sealing the guides in superimposed and recessed.
    6. Ability to use "anti-bi-metal" polyamides in system profiles to eliminate distortion from contractions and expansions.
    7. Possibility of installing double glazing up to 24mm for high levels of thermal and sound insulation.
    8. Three options of glass sheet on the locking side: simple, with handle for greater resistance to stresses or with lath.
    9. Two levels of water drainage (to the outside of the frame), for better drainage of the driver.
    10. Can be combined with EuropaEOS 60 Hybrid for complex constructions.



- Superimposed.
- Digestible.
- Single leaf-Double leaf with external fixed.
- Composite structures.
- Sliding with fixed.


Aluminium alloy: EN AW 6060 T6
Hardness: 12 Webster
Minimum paint thickness: 75μm
Thickness of profiles: 1,3-1,4mm
Dimensional tolerances according to EN 12020-02
Overlay guide width: 91mm (two sheets)
Recessed guide width: 95mm (glass-silver-scratch)
Glass sheet thickness: 34mm
Glass sheet glazing thickness: up to 24mm
Polyamide width: 20 to 24mm
Frame thermal transmittance: Uf from 2,6 to 4,2 W/(m2K)
Maximum sheet dimension (WxH): 2,3m x 2,5m
Maximum sheet weight: 200Kg

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