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Europa 4000 - Screen


An innovative Aluminium System, suitable for the construction of Glass Facades in modern buildings thanks to the unique technique of supporting the frames on the aluminium frame. Highly tested to meet the high demands of civil engineers and architects. It ensures speed in construction and installation, convenience, safety, durability, reduced component costs and high strength, while offering perfect functional and aesthetic results. It covers three types of construction: structural (classic), SemiStructural and StructuralGlazing (cellular versions).

Brief technical data:
- Glazing system
- 3 Basic types oStructural (Glazing with a wide frame between the panes), oSemiStructural (Glazing with a narrow frame between the panes) oGlazing (Glazing with no apparent frame between the panes).
- Use: Glass facades of buildings with the possibility of projecting windows.




  1. Design that covers every type of glazing construction.
    It has three types of construction: structural, semi-structural and standard.
    3. Ability to create structures with vertical or sloping surfaces.
    4. It has profiles with which a projected window can be created on the glazing.
    5. Possibility of combination with the system EUROPALouvresShadingSystem for sun protection.


    - Covering of building facades (vertical or sloping).
    - Glazing with projected windows.


    QUALICOAT: Certification of electrostatic painting process.


    Aluminium alloy: AIMgSi-0.5 F22
    Hardness: 12 Webster
    Minimum paint thickness: 75μm
    Thickness of profiles: 2,2mm
    Dimensional tolerances according to: ENDIN 12020-02
    Glass thickness: from 6mm to 29mm
    Dimensions of a small traverse: 60mm χ 50mm
    Dimensions of medium crossbar: 60mm χ 60mm
    Dimensions of a large traverse: 60mmx 93mm
    Dimensions of smaller column: 60mmx 93mm
    Dimensions of a larger column: 60mmx 164mm

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