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Metal Pseudo-Cases for Interior Frames

The metal perforated suspended metal frames are an indispensable companion of internal and external frames in modern building, as they achieve:

Quick and permanent installation with reduced labour costs
Ease of transport
Competitive prices

They replace the old type of false ceilings (made of wood or chipboard) which, due to corrosion caused by the moisture of the plaster, create the following problems during their removal:

Damage to the edges of the plaster with additional costs to restore them
Improper placement of the frames
When installing the frame, the wall at that point is uneven and cannot be sealed.

By placing the metal perforated pseudocase we achieve the following:

Creates a solid guide for plaster
In addition to the basic supports, the grid at the edge of the plasterboard helps to tie it after the plaster
There are no cracks in the joint of plaster and plasterboard due to the bonding with the mesh
Equal wall dimension
Correct dimensions of the opening (height - width)
We finally have measures of frames and we can start construction immediately without waiting for the masonry to be completed
It works like a goniokrano helping the plasterer
No rust in the joints because no electrowelding is used
The frames of the interior doors are placed in the building after the painting of the walls, after the completion of all the dangerous works for the frames (plasters, tiles, cement mortars, transfers) so they do not risk being hit or scratched with irreparable unintentional damage by other crews.




The width of the Internal metallic pendant is 12cm and 13cm.
The metal internal pivot box is made of perforated, high quality, galvanized sheet metal with a 0,5mm thick mesh.
The set of the internal pseudocase consists of:
Two pieces shaped with holes to a length of 2,10 metres (uprights)
One piece shaped with holes for the upper part of the frame and two metal sliding parts suitably shaped to adjust the door opening from 68cm to 120cm.

External Pseudocasa
6 cm and 7 cm. Width
Galvanized sheet metal with 0,5mm thick mesh
2,25 m length

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