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Mixed construction pergola


Πέργκολα μικτής κατασκευής, με οριζόντια σταθερά πτερύγια σκίασης 200 mm, κάθετα σταθερά πτερύγια σκίασης 100 mm και τεντόπανο.

Τα σταθερά οριζόντια πτερύγια σκίασης 200 mm, μπορούν να βιδωθούν σε όποια κλίση και απόσταση – μεταξύ τους – θέλουμε.

Τα σταθερά πτερύγια σκίασης 100 mm, φέρουν ειδικές πλαστικές τάπες στα τελειώματά τους, προσδίδοντας άψογη αισθητική.

The series EUROPAPERGOLA is a complete shading system in the form of a pergola, which provides protection from solar radiation, for a unique shade of coolness especially in the summer months, but also the possibility of protection from rain.

The innovative design of the range is fully in harmony with any architectural style, while offering significant energy savings.

Brief technical data:
- Shading system in the form of a pergola
- Fixed or movable blind
- Manual or using a motor
- Blade length up to 4 metres
- Use: For buildings and pergolas.



1.It has a total of four blade profiles.
2. Possibility of constructing a pergola or screen system for building facades.
3. Possibility of construction with fixed or movable blades.
4. It has two wings with waterproofing tires on one side for the construction of a pergola with protection against rainwater.
5. Features a water collector profile and gutter profile for efficient water removal in pergola systems.
6. Use of a motor to move the blades and a manual crank mechanism for manual movement.

- Trellis constructions with moving or fixed blades.
- Construction of a traditional type pergola with the use of a cloth for shading.
- Construction of a pergola with a combination of wings and sail for shading.

QUALICOAT: Certification of electrostatic painting process.

Aluminium alloy:AIMgSi-0.5 F22
Hardness: 12 Webster
Minimum paint thickness: 75μm
Thickness of profiles: 1,4 – 2,3mm
Dimensional tolerances according to: ENDIN 12020-02
Dimensions of smaller column: 60mmx 80mm
Dimensions of a larger column: 60mmx 120mm
Fixed blade width: 100mm
Width of the watertight fin: 151mm
Fixed/moving blade width: 200mm
Maximum bollard spacing: 3,0m

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