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The WD-40® formula was originally created to help displace moisture from rocket components. Soon, however, WD-40® Multi-Use Product became known as the packaging with more than 2,000 uses. Everyone soon saw the benefits of the product in a variety of tasks for the home, workplace, car and beyond.



For every problem, there is a solution. Since our company was founded in the 1950s in the USA, WD-40 has penetrated the market in a unique way. It has managed to grow from a small company in California to a multinational company with a world-renowned brand. How did we do it? Because we are so good at what we do! WD-40 products provide more solutions than any other product and have proven invaluable to people all over the world. From homeowners to homeowners to tradesmen & professionals , even to rocket scientists. WD-40 products have been developed over the years as we evolve our secret formula. It all started with the little blue and yellow metal canister with the now famous red lid. We continue strong to this day to produce the invaluable, original Multi-UseProduct!



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