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ESS 47 Hybrid


The ESS 47 Hybrid series is Europa's new upgraded offering in sliding aluminium architectural systems. It is a high specification system with simple design lines, combining impeccable functionality with modern aesthetics.

The possibility of sliding with fixed (Fix&Slide) makes it ideal for hotel constructions, where this typology is required in combination with the upgraded performance factors.

The system enables the use of narrow 25mm profiles that give a minimal aesthetic and a larger useful opening. In this context the system has been designed to provide the option of 42mm and 34mm high guides, as well as an option of a concealed sliding screen with a sash of just 25mm.

The ESS 47 Hybrid is designed to work seamlessly with the EOS 60 Hybrid, EOS 68 Hybrid and EUROPA 8500 Thermo series for complex construction.


  1. Use of stainless steel plate on the guides for smooth rolling.
  2. Design of profiles with straight lines.
  3. Possibility of fitting Lift&Slide mechanism.
  4. Possibility of fitting a multiple locking mechanism.
  5. Plastic (PVC) guide cover for insulation and protection from water.
  6. Elastic plug (EPDM) for sealing the guides in superimposed and recessed.
  7. Possibility of installing double or triple glazing up to 34mm for high levels of thermal insulation.
  8. Use of tubular rubber (EPDM) in the sheets for absolute waterproofing.
  9. Specially designed foil additive (PVC) for an excellent fit of the components
  10. Two levels of water drainage for better driver drainage
  11. Can be combined with EOS 60 Hybrid & Europa EOS 68 Hybrid for complex constructions.



- Superimposed.
- Digestible.
- Superimposed with external fixed.
- Composite structures.
- Fix & Slide.


Aluminium alloy : EN AW 6060 T 6
Hardness: 12 Webster
Minimum paint thickness : 75μm
Thickness of profiles : 1,4mm
Dimensional tolerances according to: EN 12020-02
Overlay guide width : 120mm (two sheets)
Width of guideway : 134mm (glass-silver-scissors)
Thickness of the sheet: 47mm
Glass thickness of the glass sheet: 20-34mm
Polyamide width : 22-24mm
Frame thermal transmittance : Uf from 3,02 to 6,05 W/(m2K)
Maximum sheet dimension with lifting mechanism (WxH): 2,5m x 2,7m
Maximum sheet dimension with conventional mechanism (WxH): 2,5m x 2,7m
Maximum sheet weight with lifting mechanism : 250 Kgr
Maximum sheet weight with conventional mechanism : 100 Kgr

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