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It is the innovative lift-up system, where the intense climatic conditions require absolute thermal insulation properties. It perfectly meets the need for absolute thermal insulation in sliding systems.

It is ideal for large openings and can carry glass panes of increased specifications, thanks to the sophisticated rolling mechanism that ensures perfect and comfortable operation. Η EUROPA 10000 Hybrid is offered with or without lifting mechanism, depending on the choice of the sheet.

Its sturdy and imposing construction gives it security and prestige, while its classic, straight lines give it a subtle sense of luxury and high aesthetics. The series EUROPA 10000 Hybrid offers certified high thermal insulation.

Angular Construction Typology
The evolution of the series EUROPA 10000 Hybrid additionally enables 90° corner construction without the addition of a column in the corner. An advantage of the special construction of the series is that it offers an opening in space and an impressive unobstructed view.

Brief technical data:
- Sliding retractable thermal insulation system
- In addition, it is certified for thermal insulation with a thermal conductivity coefficient of the profiles: Uf of 4 (W/m²K) according to the German notified laboratory IftRosenheim.
- It carries standard certificates for air permeability, waterproofing and wind pressure resistance as well as for thermal conductivity and sound reduction
- The high thermal insulation is achieved by using 24mm polyamide in the guides and 18mm in the glass sheets and bini
- Sealing - waterproofing with waterproofing tires
- Accepts double or triple glazing panels from 14mm to 50mm thick
- Use: Thermally insulating sliding overlapping and recessed frames with or without a lifting and rolling mechanism depending on the choice of the leaf.


  1. Use stainless steel plate or aluminium rod in the guides for smooth rolling.
    2. Design of profiles with straight lines.
    3. Two sheets (small and large) depending on the dimension of the construction.
    4. Possibility of fitting a multiple locking mechanism.
    5. Plastic (PVC) guide cover to insulate and protect them from water.
    6. Rubber (EPDM) sealing plug for the guides.
    7. Possibility to install double or triple glazing up to 50mm for high levels of thermal and sound insulation.
    8. Use of tubular rubber (EPDM) in the sheets for absolute waterproofing.
    9. Two levels of water drainage (to the outside of the frame), for better drainage of the driver.
    10. Possibility of combination with theEUROPA 5500 Hybridfor composite structures.
    11. Η EUROPA 10000 can create frame constructions 90ο without a column in the middle for an unobstructed view.


    - Superimposed.
    - Digesters.
    - Raised or simple.
    - Single leaf With Fixed.
    - Composite Structures.


    QUALICOAT: Certification of electrostatic painting process.
  • Air permeability: CATEGORY 3.
  • Waterproofing: CATEGORY 4A.
  • Wind pressure resistance:CATEGORY C

IFTRosenheim: Certification of frame thermal transmittance.


Aluminium alloy: AIMgSi-0.5 F22
Hardness: 12 Webster
Minimum paint thickness: 75μm
Thickness of profiles: 1,7mm
Dimensional tolerances according to ENDIN 12020-02
Frame Thermal Transmittance: Uf from 4.0 W/(m2K)
Sound reduction coefficient of the frame: Rw(C;Ctr)= 35(-1;-3) db
Overlay guide width: 151,6mm (two sheets)
Glass sheet dimension: 63 x 103mm & 63x90,5mm
Glass sheet glazing thickness: 20-34mm
Polyamide width: 18-24mm
Maximum sheet dimension with lifting mechanism (WxH): 3,23m x 3,0m
Maximum sheet weight with lifting mechanism: 400Kgm

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