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Europa 3000 - Office partitions


The complete solution for office partitions, but also for any interior space. The modern design, perfect ergonomics, the special design at the bottom for hiding the internal cables, the internal movable blinds and the high sound insulation ensure a unique functional and aesthetic result.

The system has the possibility of adding a door with glass, panel or wood. It is also adjustable in height, depending on the type of cabinet. It can accept glazing at the top or at the bottom.

Brief technical data:
- Internal partitions in buildings
- The skeleton accepts:

  • single glazing from 4 to 10mm,
  • double glazing up to 28mm,
  • fixed panels of total thickness up to 70mm,
  • door panel total thickness 42mm
  • Use: Interior partitions that provide complete solutions according to needs


  1. It has a single "H" section profile for the vertical and horizontal elements of the frame.
    2. The connections of vertical elements with horizontal ones are easily and quickly achieved with the angular quick coupling.
    3. Accepts aluminum panels, wood panels and glass panels (one or two).
    4. Possibility of construction with a gap between the glass panes for the use of an internal blind.
    5. Ability to build partitions at any height.
    6. It has profiles for corner constructions on any slope.
    7. Profiled panels for the lower part of the structure with the possibility of electrical installation (cable passage, socket placement, etc.).

    - Interior partitions.

QUALICOAT: Certification of the electrostatic painting process.

Aluminium alloy: AIMgSi-0.5 F22
Hardness: 12 Webster
Minimum paint thickness: 75μm
Thickness of profiles: 1,3mm – 1,4mm
Dimensional tolerances according to: ENDIN 12020-02
Door frame dimensions: 69,8mmx 42,6mm
Door leaf dimensions for glazing unit: 78mmx 45,6mm
Door leaf dimensions for wooden panel reception: 23mmx 45,6mm
Height of profile Tabla: 144,9mm
Thickness of door leaf glazing: up to 39mm
Thickness of wooden door leaf panel: to 42mm




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