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The new sliding thermal insulation system EUROPAHybridA40 SL is EUROPA's leading proposal for architectural sliding systems with high thermal insulation. The design of the profiles in straight lines follows modern architectural trends.

Particular emphasis has been placed on the design of the series to provide increased thermal insulation with Uf from 1.63W/m2K as well as increased sound insulation. Specially designed double-extruded epdm tires in combination with expanded - epdm, as well as the use of EPS insulation materials inside the chambers achieve a significant increase in thermal insulation.

It is designed to be ideally combined with the EUROPAHybridA40 SI&HS opening systems. The EUROPAHybridA40 SL series comes with the option of fitting a multiple locking mechanism for maximum security. The series gives the additional possibility of manufacturing sliding with fixed typologies, making it an ideal solution for demanding modern constructions.

Summary data

  • High certified thermal insulation with Uf from 1,63 W/m2K.
  • Certificates of standards for air permeability, waterproofing and wind resistance with high performance based on American standards.
  • Design of profiles with straight lines.
  • Possibility of fitting a Lift&Slide mechanism and a multiple locking mechanism for maximum safety.
  • Possibility of installing double or triple glazing up to 36mm for high levels of thermal and sound insulation.
  • Use of additional waterproofing rubber on the bottom and sides of the driver.
  • Use: superimposed, lift-up or simple, single-leaf double-leaf with external fixed, composite constructions.


  • Overlays
  • Raised or simply retractable
  • Single-sheet Double-sheet with outer fixed
  • Composite constructions

QUALICOAT: Certification of the electrostatic painting process.
IFTRosenheim: Certification of air permeability, water tightness and wind pressure resistance.
DTI: Thermal transmittance certification.


  1. Use of stainless steel plate on the guides for smooth rolling.
    2. Design of profiles in straight lines.
    3. Ability to install Lift&Slide mechanism.
    4. Use of 24mm & 34mm polyamides for increased thermal insulation.
    5. Possibility of fitting a multi-lock mechanism.
    6. Split plastic (PVC) guide cover for increased insulation and protection from water.
    7. Foam foam (EPDM) bag.
    8. Use of a check valve for optimal drainage of the driver.
    9. Possibility of installing double or triple glazing up to 36mm for high levels of thermal and sound insulation.
    10. Use of tubular rubber (EPDM) in the sheets for absolute waterproofing.
    11. Specially designed foil (PVC) additive for an excellent fit of the fittings.
    12. Use extra waterproofing rubber on the bottom and sides of the driver.
    13. Maximum thermal insulation using graphite EPS insulation material.
    14. Can be combined with A40 SI / HS for complex constructions.

Aluminium alloy: ENAW 6060 T66
Hardness: 12 Webster
Minimum paint thickness: 75μm
Thickness of profiles: 1,4-1,8mm
Dimensional tolerances according to: EN 12020-02
Width of the overlay guide: 125mm
Guide width with fixed: 149mm
Glass sheet thickness: 50mm
Glass sheet glazing thickness: 24-36mm
Polyamide width: 24 & 34mm
Frame thermal transmittance: Uf from 1,63 to 3,17 W/(m2K)
Maximum sheet dimension with lifting mechanism (WxH): 2,0mx 2,7m
Maximum sheet weight with lifting mechanism: 200 Kgr



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