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Europa 7000 - Patio Ceiling Window


It fully meets the requirement for ideal lighting and ventilation of every building. It offers absolute durability, perfect functionality and perfect aesthetic effect, while allowing direct contact with the natural environment. It has great combination possibilities, both in classic and modern constructions.

The series EUROPA 7000 covers atrium structures with roof windows. It is designed to make construction quick and efficient. The right choice of profiles helps create vertical or sloping surfaces with angles from 7.5° to 90°.

Brief technical data:
- Atrium system - roof windows
- Vertical or inclined surfaces with angles of 7,5° to 90°
- Usage: Terrace with the possibility of roof windows using motors and remote control


  1. Creation of vertical or sloping surfaces with angles from 7.5° to 90°.
    2. Possibility of installing a roof window for ventilation of the room.
    3. Opening and closing the window with a motor or crank.
    4. Features a water collector profile and gutter profile for efficient water removal.


    - Flat Terrace constructions with or without roof windows.
    - Atrium constructions in the form of a pyramid (4-sided, 8-sided, 12-sided and 16-sided).
    - Combination with the seriesEUROPA 5500and EUROPA 10000 for composite structures.


    QUALICOAT: Certification of electrostatic painting process.


    Aluminium alloy: AIMgSi-0.5 F22
    Hardness: 12 Webster
    Minimum paint thickness: 75μm
    Thickness of profiles: 2,2 – 2,5mm
    Dimensional tolerances according to: ENDIN 12020-02
    Glass thickness: from 8mm to 31mm
    Dimensions of smaller column: 60mmx 82.3mm
    Dimensions of a larger column: 60mmx 188.9mm
    Window frame dimensions: 90.4mmx 66.9mm
    Window sash dimensions: 77.4mmx 61.7mm


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