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Extruded polystyrene Ravatherm XPS of XPS Ravago

RavathermXPS* extruded polystyrene has been produced for over 40 years, using the extruded polystyrene foam process, which results in a material with uniform small and closed cells and an unrivalled combination of properties that make the product ideal for a wide range of demanding thermal insulation applications.

On the specialized website Ravatherm you can find detailed information about the solutions offered.

In summary:


RavathermXPS in particular features:

  • low coefficient of thermal conductivity (λ=0.033 W/mK),
  • high resistance to compression
  • low water absorbency
  • ease of use
  • hygiene





- Thermal insulation of simple and planted rooms

-Thermal insulation of pitched roofs

-Thermal insulation of concrete elements

-Wall insulation

-External thermal insulation

-Basement thermal insulation

-Cooler thermal insulation

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