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Plastic Doors Harmonic Plastic Doors

In our store you can find a wide range of Plastic Doors in dimensions and colors.
The specific doors NOT are ready to be delivered and come out according to your needs.
So before you contact us to find out the price, it would be good to have the dimensions to let you know the cost.
It can be single-leaf, double-leaf, reversible and blind.
They are manufactured in various colours which you can see in the harmonica colour chart.

Easy to install

Manufactured with plastic (standard) or aluminium handles and also with locks

Placed white or tinted-bizuet or waterfall glazing (waterfall)

The glass panels can have any formation on the door and are made to order, (see our photos).

Shades : (Monochrome) White-Griccio N-Grey Light-Grey Anthracite-Cyparisse-Black-Blue

Shades : (Wood colour)Teak-Decapé-Cherry-581 N-Wenge-Bordeaux-Wood N

Technical specifications:

The harmonica door consists of the following elements:

  1. Door flap
  2. Half a door
  3. Door hinge
  4. Door terminal
  5. Door case
  6. Door suction cup
  7. Horizontal guide
  8. Curtain

Auxiliary parts:

  1. Door roller
  2. door hood
  3. Plastic or aluminium handle with plastic clip
  4. Lock with aluminium handle
    All of the above are materials produced by extrusion method (extruder) with DEUTSHE NORM DIN 16941:1908-05 specifications from "FIRST PROCESSED" PVC certified according to ISO 900:2015.

The materials are assembled together to create the harmonica door. To achieve the desired dimensions in width, we add the corresponding number of wide sheets, while in height we cut the profile so that there is a gap of 0.5 cm underneath.

At the end of the wide door there is a special roller so that the door can be hung on the horizontal guide.

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