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Folding bars - Security bars

The ZEUS company from 1989 until today
with continuous development in the products it produces
presents the most comprehensive range of protection
of your LIFE and PROPERTY


Manufactured from 1,5 mm thick and double or triple Pi-sized atsalomarin
16x3 steel crossbar series. Cross-shaped defensive lock (nail) and
double lock in the shape of a crab and on request with triple or quadruple lock.
Available with top or bottom suspension, with or without hinges.
The economic series with HIGH RESISTANCE STANDARDS completely galvanized. Durability test
in traction in dimension 125 width by 220 height 500 KILA!!!!
Required mounting space 5,5 cm



Manufactured from 40×20 x1,5 atsalodok log and with triple cross blades made of
steel blade 16×3. It has a cross-shaped lock (nail) and double or triple lock.
triple lock in the shape of a crab on request.
With rolling underneath - with or without hinges. Available in all colours. The TITAN series
is manufactured ONLY by us after continuous development in the PUSH CAPS
with very HIGH RESISTANCE STANDARDS reaching 800 kg of resistance to pulling in dimension
120×220. Fully galvanized.
Required mounting space 5,5 cm



Manufactured from double 20×4 steel frame and 16×3 triple row crossbar. Features
cross-shaped (pin) security lock and double or triple cross-shaped lock
crab on request. Available in all colours with or without hinges. With rolling
bottom made entirely of solid iron raises the degree of resistance to the
1000 KILA in dimension 120×220. The small width required for installation - only 4 mm
centimetres - making it ideal for narrow openings. Fully galvanised.
Required mounting space 4 cm



Manufactured with 3 mm galvanized steel bars in PI and triple or quadruple shape
crossed by a 16×3 steel blade. It has a three-point security lock type
crab with cross key (nail) . Manufactured with or without a hinge and drawn either with
bottom wheel or hanging from the top. Painted in all colours. The extra heavy construction
raises the degree of resistance to traction to 1500 KILA and makes it unique. Simply put.
is the safest folding security system in the GREEK market.
Required mounting space 5,5 cm



Manufactured from galvanized
housing 40x20x1,5 with hidden
support and cross mesh of
20×4 solid steel ball.
The design harmonizes perfectly
with the folding systems
security that you will place
on your balcony doors.
The construction adapts to the
your measures.


Painted in all RAL colours and not only

Cross-shaped security lock (nail)
and a double or triple crab-shaped lock.
It is used in all types of folding.

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